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Business Process Modeling in HASH

Improving business processes via simulation
March 31st, 2021
Business Process Modeling in HASH

Business Process Modeling in HASH

Processes are the cornerstone of every company's operations. Defined and repeatable plans for satisfying business objectives differentiate a focused, efficient machine from a disorganized mess.

However, given the complexity and scale of modern businesses, it can be hard to create and optimize business processes. When dealing with tens of thousands of people managing hundred-step processes, we rapidly approach the limits of what any one person can design or understand.

At HASH we're excited about the potential of computer-aided decision making - using the computer as a partner in deliberation and understanding, helping us find ideas and solutions that we couldn't otherwise by ourselves. Our approach is to use simulations of the real world to find the best outcomes, and maybe even more importantly, help people understand why a given choice, out of all the alternatives, is the right one to make.

We feel that business processes are a particularly promising domain to apply modeling and simulation:

  • There are lots of tools for building process models, but relatively few quickly simulating and analyzing them
  • Optimizations to business processes can quickly turn into millions of dollars of cost savings/new revenue
  • Many of our users already manage projects, teams, and workflows that can be expressed as business processes

We've released a new plugin for HASH, built atop the hCore API, and utilizing the HASH business process library, which provides a graphical user interface enabling easy simulation of business processes and operations.

Process Modeling

Key features:
  • Simple drag and drop interface for defining business process models.
  • When you've made your model you can, in one click, send it to a HASH simulation which will automatically interpret the model and use the correct simulation behaviors.
  • Run the simulation and explore the results to find the best process model and the best parameters.

And because it's all still powered with HASH, you can customize and extend any part of it. Combine it with other models, add data, modify a behavior, or do whatever fits your own case best. You can start building right away, and to learn more take a look at our how-to guides:

Along with our video tutorial on building a ticket queue process model.

Drop us a line or chat with us on

Discord. Have fun simulating!

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